Freedom to communicate fearlessly supports this Libertarian right and through the launch of the X2X Technology and tokens, it is dedicated to providing solutions that enable users to protect their identity, valuables, reputation, currencies or intellectual properties, without worry that their communications or data transfers will be intercepted, corrupted, stolen or hacked.



  • Token name : X2X
  • The token symbol: X2X
  • ICO rounds: Pre-ICO and ICO
  • Total amount of tokens available: 500 000 000
  • Pre-ICO hard cap: 10 080 000 EUR
  • ICO hard cap: 6 650 000 EUR

Purchasers of tokens will be able to:

  • Access the X2X platform and services
  • Allow third-party services to run over the X2X technology

Currencies Accepted:

  • ETH
  • BTC
  • Fiat (Euro, US Dollars, GBP etc.)


  • The Presale will allow purchasers to access the most favorable price per token, and will also feature a 20% bonus for all token purchases. X2X Tokens will be distributed on the buyers after the ICO ends.

Token Price

During the presale purchasers are granted a 20% bonus in tokens.

During crowdsale, tokens will be divided equally between purchasing users, and individual purchases will be capped to ensure an equal distribution between users.





1 X2X ≈ €0.058

Including 20% Bonus

Bonus locked for 1 month

1 X2X ≈ €0.07

No lockup

Pro rata cap

*Minimum purchase (only during presale) is 10 ETH or equivalent in FIAT or other cryptocurrencies.

*Strategic contributors, who contribute greatly to the success of our project will be eligible to increase the bonus from 20% to a maximum of 30%.


Receiving the equivalent of 16.73M EUR

will allow us to allocate about 15-16M EUR to the development of the product and the integration into the blockchain. Whilst we create the best possible architecture, we will start integrating X2X as an authentication mechanism, create the open platform, and develop the API’s required for third parties to build onto our network. Regarding X2X Black's development we plan to make important efforts to move from FPGA to ASIC technology. The ASIC will also allow us to create a new product named “Lite,” a very small crypto wallet with extra communication services. We will also establish headquarters in Tallinn (Estonia) where we will expand the core of our Team.

X2X Blockchain Development 4,800K EUR
Develop Wallet peripherals 3,000K EUR
Infra/ops 580K EUR
Marketing (excluding Exchange budget) 820K EUR
Office 260K EUR
Other operating costs 590K EUR
Personnel 3,760K EUR
Support 530K EUR
Advisors 1,340K EUR
Legal & Compliance 950K EUR
Donations 100K EUR

Token allocation

X2X Technology in the Blockchain

Initial Coin Offering

Many of today's ICOs are simple promises of future performance for the supported project, making it extremely difficult to see real prospects of achieving the project’s stated goals, goals that are often many months away from actual realization.

In our case, working prototypes of the X2X Black hardware device and X2X Shield Android app are available and have been demonstrated live in trade-shows and events, long before the ICO.

Our goal in this ICO is to create a totally decentralized protocol with the token, not just another product/service on top of a centralized company with its own revenue models.

The X2X project has an unusually strong value proposition because the tokens’ functionality is a perfect complement to an ecosystem that will be created, based on the existing products.

We will accept X2X as a payment for services. For hardware products, tokens can be used only as a limited discount to a 20% maximum.

Token ecosystem

X2X envisions an open network where third parties can develop and deploy their own products and services built around the X2X tokens and helping users to avail of a myriad of valuable services. Depending on the characteristics of the deployed services, premium applications could be foreseen to require a more substantial payment (e.g. phone calls or file transfer), while other basic features (e.g. messaging and crypto payments) could remain cheap. In any case, users will likely need to acquire enough tokens, and then effectively “spend” them to access the ever-increasing features available on the network.

The services will be implemented either by X2X, or through the X2X open API (Application Programming Interface) or SDK (software development kit) by third parties. Third parties may implement both free and paid services. Networks secured by X2X protocol could be open or even forked by third parties looking to add secure data communication to their existing applications, using tokens to pay for the access and for other third party (premium) services with fees likely based on payload size or used transfer time.

The availability of primary and third-party services causes a network effect that is foreseen to hugely increase the value of the X2X token, based on the growth of the available functionalities and service. For instance, a user could pay X2X Tokens in order to access the basic services provided by the X2X Shield App (e.g. messaging or the crypto wallet functionalities) enjoying the security and anonymity provided by the avoidance of being forced to give out his/her own private data (as happening with most of other free Apps). When requesting a premium service over the network powered by X2X protocol (e.g. a video phone call or secure file transfer) then the system can apply an additional charge of extra tokens.

Moving to different Verticals

The aforementioned scenarios are just a starting point. The features of the X2X protocol comprising of strong end-to-end encryption and digital signature capabilities, together with the opportunity of automatically authenticating as peer of a decentralised and inherently secured permission-less network will be ultimately condensed in the custom X2X Black chipset and used to build new solutions in multiple verticals. Including the chip directly on the board of a standard smartphone, with the possibility to customize its Operating System, would unlock the creation of a new secure crypto-phone where the encryption would be based on a secure and trusted (unbranded) chipset without backdoors. This could potentially lead toward including an air-gapped cold storage even on hot (as in internet exposed) commodity hardware. A feature that could appeal to a wide variety of vertical where resiliency, privacy, security and flexibility are key requirements: automotive, robotics, IoT, medical, etc.

Targeting different domain of applications has the potential to create a detonating effect in terms of rate of adoption and scalability, especially feasible through the “plug & play” nature of the underlined chipset and quite a natural development given the need of all IoT systems for secure and private communication mechanism.

This strategy provides a strong foundation for the token’s value to constantly grow. In addition to the foregoing description of the X2X protocol and devices, the X2X Token is one of the few actually supported by a physical product already in production and subject to commercial distribution. Lastly, all participants in our ICO crowdsale will have the opportunity to pre-order and receive the devices for free.



X2X is founded & starts 1st Architecture
Finalist of Cybersecurity EIT ITC in Trento (Italy)



Completed Software architecture
Shield 1st prototype


First Black prototype (ARM)



Black prototype 2nd version
X2X website launch



First X2X Black proto
ICO international roadshow
Marketing campaign



Continue Black/FPGA alfa testing
Blockchain Revision


Black/FPGA continue testing
X2X Shield testing



ICO presale
X2X Black beta testing
X2X Shield beta testing
Blockchain dev/testnet



ICO presale ends
Public X2X Shield trial
X2X Black MVP testing
Blockchain Usernet testing



ICO starts
Public X2X Black trial


$ 414 Billion

The hardware encryption market is expected to be valued at USD 413.85 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 29.3% between 2016 and 2022.

The major factors driving the growth of this market include increasing concern for data security issue and privacy of data, growing requirement of regulatory compliances, expansion of digital content, and significant advantage over SW encryption technology.


$ 2918 Million

The mobile encryption market is expected to grow from USD 761.4 Million in 2017 to USD 2,917.9 Million by 2022, at a CAGR of 30.8%.

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets across enterprises, the need for stringent compliance and regulatory requirements, and increased concerns for data security and privacy issues are combining to drive the increased demand for mobile encryption solutions.


$ 5.5 Billion

Messaging security market size is expected to grow from USD 2.64 Billion in 2017 to USD 5.50 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 15.8%.

The drivers here are similar in that users are searching for ways to protect personal, corporate, and governmental messages and related data against misuse by making the data unusable by any other than the intended recipient(s). Core team

Stefano Alberico

Stefano Alberico

CEO / Founder

Executive and Consultant with experience in corporate, venture and private equity. 22+ yrs of experience in building software (ex Nokia), focusing on security and privacy.

Marco Cenderelli

Marco Cenderelli

COO / Co-owner (MBA)

International executive and owner of successul E-businesses. Experienced business developer, sales and marketing executive.

Stefano Campadello

Stefano Campadello

Chief Architect (PhD)

Internationally recognized expert in R&D with 20 years of experience, management, technology strategy and industry collaboration. Strong-scientific background.

Piret Uustal

Piret Uustal

Chief Designer

Experienced product and service designer with a thorough approach towards the product usability and user-experience. Over-looking the creation of CRIP.TO Shield and Black.

Mike Gindonis

Mike Gindonis

Chief Problem Solver

Security specialist with a broad skill-set. Experience from CERN. Researcher & Bitcoin DevOps.

Miao ZhiCheng

Miao ZhiCheng

Master of Blockchain

Envisions a digital world optimized through decentralization. 10+ yrs exp. in software industry, 5 yrs @Skype (looking after its peer-to-peer network stack), capable of building decentralized software systems.


Francesco G. Renzi

ICO Jack of all trades

Blockchain and decentralization enthusiast with a very hands-on approach. Multilingual marketer, coder and social media manager.

Marco Tracogna

Marco Tracogna

Social campaign manager

Blockchain and ICO enthusiast, he brings a fresh multi-cultural experience. Able to manage social media presence and keen Quality Assurance manager.

Giorgio Venzo

Giorgio Venzo

Master planner

Libertarian and capitalist, avid supporter of the freedom to communicate. Strongly disciplined, he is an experienced organizer and able to get things done.


Shyla Khan

Content Writer and Community Mgr

Shyla has a wealth of experience working with a number of different projects and specialises in community management as well as creating content for Social Media channels.


Vlad Strakh

Master of SW

R & D Team

R & D Team




CISO / Advisor


Sergio Tanzilli

Master of HW / Advisor

Markus Järve

Hardware Advisor



Paul Lindholm

Crypto consultant


Tom Tate

Chief copywriter



Lawyer Team




Legal disclaimer